List of abstracts, 2017 all issues

issue 1 (5)

Staritcyna A., Martinenko E. A., Vahrysheva S. V., Ptyhina I. S.

Key words: management of heritage; tourism; restoration; public-private partnership; historical and cultural heritage, development

The analysis of the existing policy in the field of preservation and regeneration of cultural heritage objects

There is a set of ways of historical heritage preservation. Despite similar methods, in the different countries differently solve this problem. The main tendency at preservation of culture monuments is attraction of private funds or legal entities as creation of museum complexes habitual to all, most often, doesn't pay back costs of restoration and reconstruction. Techniques of preservation and reclaiming of objects of cultural heritage have been considered in article on the example of France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Russia. Also the regulating documents and methods of stimulation for attraction of investments have been analyzed.
Kartavskij V. V., Grodnikov D. V.

Key words: Bus Stop; Stress-Strain State; Snow Load; Deformation

Investigation of the stress-strain state of the three-dimensional rod structure of bus stops

The article is devoted to the actual problem of excessively large deformations of the three-dimensional rod structure elements of the bus stops during their operation. The article describes the experimental investigation of the stress-strain state of construction of several real bus stops.
Filippova Y. D.

Key words: fetal hypoxia; cardiotocography; fetal electrocardiography; STAN; Monica; doppler; lactate; pH-meters; troponin; natriuretic peptide.

Overview of diagnostic methods of fetal hypoxia

This article is a review of the literature on diagnostic methods of fetal hypoxia. It reflects the advantages and disadvantages of modern methods of diagnostics of fetal hypoxia, studies of domestic and foreign authors on the subject. The application of modern diagnostic methods will reduce the number of unjustified surgical delivery, and improve perinatal outcomes.
Ivashchenko A. V., Moiseeva V. A.

Key words: repair, ceiling, ceilings, plastering, practicality, durability, complexity, fire danger.

The ceiling in the new building

Objective: to perform a comparative analyses of the ceiling finishes in the room and compare the cost of different types of finishes. Object of study: materials and ways of furnish of ceilings in the room. By comparing the variants of finishing materials it is concluded that the most practical and cost-effective ways of furnish of ceilings in new buildings are both considered types of finishes: as a method of plastering and suspended ceilings.
Korenevskaya M. A., Erzakov S. V.

Key words: Wooden structures; Construction of wood; Ecology; Construction Materials

Prospects for the сonstruction of wooden buildings and structures for public and business purposes in the Leningrad region

The article is devoted to the analysis of the perspective of using wood as a building material in the Leningrad region. The main preconditions of the development of wooden construction, international experience, as well as the main technical characteristics of wood (strength, heat conductivity, vapor permeability) are considered. Particular attention is paid to the environmental friendliness of the material and its impact from the point of view of ecological psychology, which is very important for an ecologically unfavorable region with a rich logging reserve.
Naboka A.

Key words: reinforced concrete floor overlap on metal bams, reconstruction, replacement of overlap, junction of the flooring device, overlapping on the profiled sheeting, overhaul

Construction of reinforced concrete interstorey floor overlap on metal beams in the old fund

Reconstruction and major repairs of buildings are gaining momentum. For the central regions of major Russian cities, the problem of eliminating the accident rate of building structures is very urgent. There are a number of regional programs for capital repairs in apartment houses. The article presents design solutions and recommendations for the construction of reinforced concrete floors on metal beams in the old the old fund.
Nagmanova K. G.

Key words: cost account; price formation; civil engineering; budgeting; spendings; algorithm.

Algorithm for the development of cost accounts for civil engineering objects, taking into account the peculiarities of price transition from basic to current

Any construction is accompanied by huge expenses, therefore their competent calculation is necessary for any construction project. Nowadays estimates are an important financial document. The article presents an algorithm for the development of estimates for civil engineering objects, which includes the basic concepts with explanations, as well as examples of calculating of the estimated cost, taking into account the transition from basic prices to current ones. The work is aimed at obtaining basic information on the development of estimates for the example of excavation. As a result, a basic algorithm for estimates of civil engineering objects was developed.
Poletayev K., Yufereva A.

Key words: project management, quality management system, building control, self-regulating organizations, European standards, quality standards.

Comparison of domestic and foreign construction quality management systems

The correct choice of method and means of management makes it possible to successfully realize projects, what directly affects their competitiveness. The article reviews such a project characteristic as quality, presents a comparison of domestic and foreign management systems and quality control of construction objects. As a result of the comparative analysis, the parameters are proposed for evaluating the management system and quality control.
Steshenko D. Y., Okorokova M. A.

Key words: parcel, land plot, real estate object, location, investment attractiveness, transport accessibility, ecological situation, prestige of apartments.

The influence of the choice of a parcel on the investment attractiveness of a property

The article considers a parcel as an object of market relations. Analysis of the real estate market allowed to identify factors affecting the investment attractiveness of the land, namely: the location of the object depending on the distance to the city center, the location of the object from the point of view of transport accessibility, the environmental situation, the prestige of the apartments. The identified factors have a different degree of importance for Krasnodar and St. Petersburg, on the basis of which the rating of factors for their importance to the investor is compiled.
Tarasov V.

Key words: Prefabricated buildings, thermopanel, fireproof gypsum sheet, expanded polystyrene, mineral wool, sandwich panel.

Fire resistance of buildings from Light Steel Thin-Walled Structures

This article examines the fire resistance and fire safety of materials used in buildings from the LSTWS. The properties and characteristics of each of the materials are described for a more complete study. Throughout the work, a conclusion was drawn with recommendations for the construction of non-flammable buildings using light steel thin-walled structures.
Shilova E. A., Shilov S. O., Hakimova V. A.

Key words: Thermal bridges: energy efficiency; energy saving; external enclosure structures; insulation coating.

Experimental determination of weak points for the formation of " thermal bridges"

Today high attention is paid to energy efficiency in buildings as in accordance with article 16 of the Federal law № 261-FZ "On energy saving and energy efficiency" for residential buildings shall be issued an energy passport. In addition, this is due to the high cost of energy. Overuse leads to great material and environmental costs. To prevent unnecessary expenditure buildings should have good insulation, this property can provide a comfortable accommodation. However, errors during construction (particularly during installation) lead to the formation of places through which there are losses of heat – thermal bridges. The article presents the results of the experiment aimed to the detection of thermal bridges in external enclosure structures.
Ivanova A.

Key words: temperature, asphalt concrete, road surfacing, prediction, upper bound of a covering, lower bound of a covering.

Recommendations on temperature measurement and forecasting of road surfacing

In article public highways in 5 various road and climatic zones of Russia are considered. Region ambient temperature where the highway runs exerts a great influence on formation of operating conditions of road clothes. Results of numerous probes show that strength of road clothes during operation is directly influenced by physicomechanical properties of the materials applied to construction of road clothes, technology and quality of construction works, a ground and surface water, moistness of a soil of a road bed, covering temperature, intensity of the movement and structure of a transport stream, the periods of year and other factors.
Vereshko S. S.

Key words: Privatization of state property, the structure of block of shares in federal property, income from privatization of state companies

Privatization of state's companies as an instrument for management income of state budget

In this article author analyze modern privatization processes from the point of view of their expediency and matching main goals of privatization. Author conclude on opportunity to achieve an improvement of efficiency of property management during a privatization, optimization its structure and sale of large companies's shares at the best price. On the whole question of privatization is controversial.
Gumerova E. I.

Key words: discount rate, investment, project, effectiveness of project, imitation model, time value of money, investment valuation

The discount rate for assessment of project efficiency during crisis

In this article we considered the problem of the evaluation of a project during crisis. We analyzed widespread methods of determining the discount rate. We assess the efficiency of the investment project using calculations of permanent and floating discount rates. The results of estimation allow to make a conclusion about the relevance of using the floating discount rate to increase accuracy of defining the effectiveness of the investment project.
Fedorova A. V.

Key words: Social inequality in Russia; the Gini index; the middle class; Social differentiation; poverty

Social inequality in the Russian Federation

The article deals with issues related to the causes that cause social inequality, presents various points of view of experts on this problem and approaches to measuring inequality. It assesses how much social inequality in Russia, highlight the main ways to solve this problem, with critical remarks on the proposed options.
Kharvonen A. A.

Key words: oil sector; Russia's economy; Soviet economy; diversification of the economy.

The role of the oil sector in the economies of Russia and the Soviet Union: comparative analysis

The article raises the problem of dependence of the Russian economy on the oil sector. The author attempts a comparative analysis of the role of this sector in the economies of Russia and the USSR. Based on these evaluations concluded that a greater role of the oil sector in the economy of modern Russia in comparison with the USSR.
Grigorevskiy V. A.

Key words: indigenous peoples, the right to the preservation of culture, international law, foreign experience.

International legal regulation of the rights of indigenous peoples to preserve and develop their culture

This article presents a comparative analysis of the regulations of the various states regarding the rights of indigenous peoples to maintain and develop their culture, both among themselves and on their compliance with the universally recognized principles and norms of international law. As a result, consideration of the matter, it was concluded that this right in practice, different states is relatively secure, but judging by the worldwide cultural trends degeneration of whole nations and groups of nations, this right can not be considered fully guaranteed.
Zybenskya E.

Key words: criminology, criminal justice, photography, digital camera, drone, investigative actions.

The usage of dron device during investigative activities

The photo is one of the most important ways of fixing the evidence and as a form of imprinting has a number of advantages over any verbal way of fixing. Photographs have a high degree of accuracy, clarity and objectively convey information. For their production, are commonly used digital cameras, but now, with the development of technical progress, there was a fairly new device - drone , which greatly simplifies the task of shooting in tight spaces.
Osipov E., Podovinnikov M.

Key words: Kinerma, complex home, the modern use, brick clay, brand, manufacturing technology

Travelling to Kinerma village: some notes

This article discusses some interesting facts about the folk architecture in what is now the Republic of Karelia, we found out during the research trip to the village Kinerma.

issue 2 (6)

Ivaschenko A., Moiseeva V., Borisov A.

Key words: barrier-free environment, low mobility groups, design

Issues of accessibility of educational institutions for people with limited mobility

Educational institutions have a low level of fitness for low-mobility groups of the population. To create comfortable conditions for their stay and movement in public institutions, codes of rules have been developed. In buildings under construction and buildings undergoing reconstruction, some developers are installing ramps, which at first glance should ensure the convenience of movement. In general, existing buildings and buildings under construction are poorly compliant with norms and requirements.
Staritcyna A., Antuskov A., Nemova D.

Key words: Heat transmission resistance, energy efficiency, energy efficiency class, civil engineering, reconstruction, heat insulation.

Energy efficiency assessment of Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University’s dormitories

The research is devoted to definition of a building's class of energy efficiency of the dormitories, which are located in St. Petersburg. Six buildings were inspected with determination of their key parameters. According to the calculated energy efficiency, class measures for carrying out reconstruction were proposed for increase in a class of an energy efficiency for some buildings. For other dormitories, reconstruction is possible with big economic costs.
Malakhov K. A.

Key words: priests; peasants; deviant behavior; the opposition of the city and the village.

The moral condition of the population of Olonets province in the late XIX – early XX century according to the estimates of priests.

In the article, based on the materials of the periodical press, Is being studied moral condition of the population of the Olonets province in the late XIX - early XX centuries estimated clergy. Attention is paid to the problems of alcoholism, theft, blasphemy, indifferent attitude of the peasants towards religion and their deviant sexual behavior. The main problem of this work is to identify as far as the priests objectively evaluated the degree of prevalence of various malformations among the population of Olonets province. The author comes to the conclusion that the clergy were not always objective. They exaggerate the vices of the peasant population due didactic focus of their articles.
Kasatkina L. K.

Key words: Chamerion angustifolium, fermentation rate, technological process, control, parameters

Critical control points in the technology of production of a fermented base from the leaves Chamerion angustifolium

The object of this research is the raw product of the Chamerion angustifolium, namely the leaf mass of the plant. The possibility of producing the tea drink from fermented leaves of the herb. Consideration of the key parameters and stages of the technological process of producing the dry tea basis of the drink. Critical control points of the technological process.
Kirilkina A., Tarabukina S. Y.

Key words: Solid municipal waste, waste sorting plant, competitive environment analysis, territorial division of the Republic of Karelia

Analysis of the market for solid municipal waste management

The article is devoted to the problems of solid municipal waste management in Russia. The analysis of waste disposal market has been carried out, the experience of waste processing enterprises has been studied, the cost of construction of the plant, the cost of entering the market, the sources of profit have been determined. The territorial division of Karelia into clusters was considered.
Zolotyh M. A.

Key words: renovation, industrial zones, soil reclamation, renovation of industrial facilities, architecture, the General Plan, adaptation of industrial zones

Renovation of industrial zones in the modern conditions of the city.

The article considers the issue of the urgency of renovation of industrial zones for many large cities of the Russian Federation and European countries. Several directions, methods and methods of adapting the industrial heritage to the modern context of the city are considered. The article refers to the renovation of some industrial zones in St. Petersburg. With the development of the city there was a need for changes in its urban planning. The most important in the modern development plan of the city is the problem of industrial zones, which are located in the historical center of the city and are of interest both for the city itself and for investors. Depressive industrial zones in which renovation takes place will receive a second chance: housing, commercial premises, and infrastructure are being built there. However, renovation requires complicated and lengthy legal preparation of the project, demolition of old buildings, transfer of engineering networks, land reclamation. The article also gives examples of industrial zones, adapted to modern urban conditions in other countries, for example, in Germany. The problem of the problems arising in the development of industrial zones is considered.
Fidrikova A., Nefedova A. V., Sevka V. G.

Key words: Equity construction, finance, housing market, investments.

Financial aspects of the equity construction on the market of primary residential estate

In this article we consider the financial and investment issues of equity construction. Legal aspects of the implementation of the equity construction were studied, the principles of organization and factors were identified. The factors determine the necessity for this form of construction financing. The dependence of requirements of the housing from the dynamics and population were set. Schemes of financing of equity construction on the basis of existing legislation and taking into account its optimization were developed.
Avdey V. K., Kosolapov O. Y., Lapin K. I.

Key words: economic crisis in construction, management of cost, optimization of the project of construction production, budget, BIM technologies.


In this article problems of project management in the sphere of housing construction in the conditions of an economic crisis are considered. Crisis has significant effect, first of all, on management of project cost. Budgets of projects are compressed, their interference increases, the system of risks changes. Obviously, in these conditions it is necessary to develop the special approaches providing optimization of expenses and guaranteeing implementation of the project within the voted budget. In article on the basis of the analysis of domestic and foreign experience in quality of a way of improvement of management of project cost use of BIM technologies is considered.
Dmitrieva T. S.

Key words: information technology; social network, hotel business.

Development of the promotion program for accommodation services in the social network "vKontakte" on the example of the guest house "House on the Onega Lake"

Modern information technology as one of the most accessible promotion tools for small hotel business seems to be an effective advertising tool. Promotion in social networks allows to attract new customers, increase customer loyalty to the service, obtain feedback to improve the quality of services provided.
Kozlova E. K.

Key words: budget; spending; education; higher education; universities; the project «5-100»

State funding of higher education in the Russian Federation

Sustainable development of the social sphere is the basis for the prosperity of human society and the state as a whole. Education spending is a large budget item of any country. Thereby, the study of their dynamics is very important. In this article education spending in the Russian Federation is analyzed and some problems of state funding of higher education are identified.
Misyukevich K., Udalova V. I.

Key words: public procurement, system of public contracts, tender requirements for bidders, criteria for assessing applications

Factors for selection of a contractor when conducting tenders

The article provides an overview of the current Russian system of evaluation of contractors and suppliers in the construction sector on the basis of competitive selection of participants of procurement. Describes the main requirements to construction organizations of the Russian Federation when conducting procurement procedures. The authors indicated a lack of legislatively established criteria for assessing applications and final proposals of the procurement participants. Proposed a number of additional criteria that, according to the authors, it is advisable to make a practice of evaluation in conducting the competitive tenders. These criteria will allow the auction organizer to obtain more complete and objective information about all procurement participants and thereby increase the efficiency of selection of providers.
Golovach A. A.

Key words: right, info, balance, constraint, state, media.

State regulation of information in Russia

The theme of the right to information in the Russian Federation some features of state regulation of such important rights as the right to information. The problem is that the state must competently and responsibly to monitor the information flow and the information that becomes publicly available. It is important balance that must be met by the state. Object - regulation of the right to information. The goal is to study the feature of the right to information and identify the problem that you seek to explore. A result, the government should for security reasons not to miss all the information in the media, but also to limit something especially strongly, too, is unacceptable.
Kiselev V. S.

Key words: Commonwealth of Independent States, European Union, Comparative characteristics.

Comparative characteristics of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States

This article deals with the comparative characteristics of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. As a result of the comparison, which was based on an analysis of the international legal status, competencies and institutions have been identified characteristics and similarities of association states. We studied not only the main constituent acts, but also the views of the scientists who have studied the CIS and the EU.
Kopaleva E.

Key words: extremism; causes of extremism; social inequality; crime among young people.

Social inequality is a factor in the growth of extremist crimes among modern youth

This article presents an analysis of such a growth factor of extremist crimes among modern youth as social inequality. Its consequences increase in modern realities through the Internet.
Obydennaya A. I.

Key words: Electoral systems: majority, proportional, mixed, democracy, elections, electorate, representative bodies

Electoral systems in the modern world

Today, many countries stand on the way of hardening democracy and in this regard, the organization and conduct of every election campaign on a democratic basis are promoting the country a step closer to achieving this goal. Preference of specific electoral system depends on the balance of political forces in the legislature.The proportional system is more democratic, as more accurately reflects the preferences of the electorate. While the majority system provides the stability and steadiness of the functioning of representative authorities. Mixed electoral system designed to mitigate the disadvantages of the two main systems.Thus, the most preferred for democracy is a classical proportional system
Smirnov R. A.

Key words: Extremism, the characteristics of extremism, extremist activity, the consequences of extremism, radical views, intolerance, the personality of the extremist.

The criminological characteristics of extremist crimes

The article analyzes the criminological characteristics of extremist crimes. The authors classify the forensic characteristics of crimes of an extremist orientation towards elemental blocks (the identity of the criminal for extremist purposes, the methods of committing extremist crimes, the subject of proof for extremist cases).
Khristoforova S. A.

Key words: State registration, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, state duty, entrepreneurial activity.

Problematic aspects of state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

The article analyzes the problems of state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs connected with the refusal of such registration by registration authorities, and as a consequence with the impossibility of returning the state fee paid for this registration. The purpose of the study is to develop proposals for improving legislation regulating state registration of business entities. As a result of the conducted research, it was possible to achieve the set goal and develop the following proposals. First, it is proposed to include in the Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" dated August 08, 2001, № 129-FZ, like the Federal Law "On State Registration of Real Estate" dated July 13, 2015, № 218-FZ, a list of grounds for suspending the state Registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. In turn, the only reason for refusing to register should also be the abandonment without eliminating the reasons that prevent the state registration during the period of suspension. Secondly, it is proposed in art. 333.40 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation to include such a basis for partial or full refund of the state fee, as a refusal of persons who have paid a state fee, from committing a legally significant act after appealing to an authorized body (to an official), committing (committing) this legally significant action, but up to Decision-making on refusal in fulfillment of such legally significant action. These changes in the law will give a chance to correct mistakes to the applicant, not to lose the state duty and, ultimately, to achieve the expected result, namely, to carry out state registration.

issue 3 (7)

Shvets G., Dyatchina E.

Key words: computer-aided design (CAD); Autodesk Revit; Cut Opening Free; BIM-technology; building design; collisions in building design.

Cut Opening Free software for Autodesk Revit as an alternative way of making holes in structural elements in building design

In this article the comparative analysis of speed and efficiency of resolving conflicts between the structural elements in an original program Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Revit with addition Cut Opening Free is compared. The authors analyze the advantages that such add-on programs give. The purpose of the study presented in this article is to show the importance of using and studying supplement programs. This topic is relevant in connection with the wide spread of BIM-technologies.
Chalkin A.

Key words: Wood, packaging, wood nematode, the method of Berman

Experience of quarantine investigation of packaging

The article presents the experience of inspections of places of storage used wooden packaging in close proximity to the terminal of the transport companies. Studied samples of wood packaging in the laboratory for compliance with the requirements for treatment of wood packaging.
Pavlyuk E. I.

Key words: sudden cardiac death, ECG markers, ischemic heart disease.

Electrocardiographic markers for the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

An ECG analysis of the markers of the risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) and without. SCD markers were analyzed: the width and depth of the Q wave, QRS width, intraventricular blockade, left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), internal rejection period, QT duration, negative T, T (peak) -T (end), ST changes, etc. The most commonly reported cases of IHD include pathological Q, early repolarization syndrome, LVH.
Serova E. V.

Key words: Mobility, students abroad, exchange programs, internationalization, academic community, Northern Europe, Russia

Dynamics of Russian students mobility in the universities of the Nordic countries

The article analyzes the dynamics of Russian degree and exchange students mobility and partly academic exchanges with higher education institutions in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland from the beginning of 2000s till nowadays. The research reveals the main processes that could reduce the number of Russian students abroad. Besides, positive governmental actions aimed at improving international mobility are designated.
Smirnova A.

Key words: Finland; peace education; education for peace; school medication; conflict resolution; youth; Ahtisaari Days

Issues of peace and conflict resolution in the education system and youth work in Finland

Issues of conflict resolution, peacebuilding and improving social conditions haven’t currently lost their relevance. This is why the manifestation of these aspects in education and youth work is of academic interest. This article analyses the peculiarities of peace education and children and youth conflict resolution training in Finland on the basis of official documents, scientific and information sources. Special emphasis is placed on definitions of contemporary peace education, transformations of its role in character education in the Finnish context, as well as on youth programs on constructive interaction and conflict resolution. The following special features of the Finnish approach are underlined: connection of peace education to global and human rights education; increased focus not only on interpersonal and intergroup relations, but also on resolution of international issues; association of conflict resolution skills with social capital, civil society development and the international brand of Finland; the active role of NGOs in the promotion of peace education. Qualities, shaped within peace education are relevant in the context of the information age.
Bykova I. V., Bazhenova E. E.

Key words: energy efficiency; solar power; solar roof tile; electricity supply system

Advantages of a transition from solar panels to solar roof tile

During the process of modernization of energy-efficient technologies solar panels, commonly used nowadays, may be soon replaced by solar roof tiles Despite the obvious advantages of the tile, it is not sufficiently competitive still and rarely used. This paper presents a comparison of usual solar panels and tiles, and reviews the possibility of its use under the climatic conditions of southern regions of Russia.
Ivashchenko A., Titova S.

Key words: thermal resistance, walling, concrete wall design, brick wall design, timber frame wall construction

Thermotechnical comparison of wall structures of a multi-storey residential building in the Republic of Karelia

In this article thermal characteristics of several types of wall constructions of multi-storey apartment houses constructed in the Republic of Karelia are considered.
Ivashchenko A., Titova S.

Key words: time, cost, complexity of construction, reinforced concrete construction wall construction, prefabricated construction wall construction, frame construction the wall construction.

The complexity of the construction of the wall constructions of multi-storey buildings in the Republic of Karelia

This article discusses the complexity of construction of some wall construction in the Republic of Karelia.
Patsinko I.

Key words: AutoCAD Architecture, project, functionality.

The functionality of AutoCAD Architecture

The use of modern design technology allows experts in various fields, to avoid duplication of entering the same input data and, therefore, exclude the possibility of error. The author demonstrates the functionality of AutoCAD Architecture for example, creating a conditional project. AutoCAD Architecture is a program intended for architects. The functionality of this program is extensive, and some of its capabilities are used everywhere.
Iakovleva S. A.

Key words: BIM, construction, optimization, 3D, civil engineering

Advantages and disadvantages of BIM

In the modern world of constantly developing technologies, none of the spheres of human activity can succeed without innovations. And design is no exception. While Europe and the United States have almost completely switched to BIM-modeling, in Russia the percentage of BIM-based companies is still small. This article discusses the main advantages and disadvantages of BIM modeling, as well as possible problems encountered during implementing BIM in the project.
Afanasyeva T.

Key words: Public debt; Internal and external public debt; Federal budget deficit; Credit rating; Public debt management.

The impact of public debt on the dynamics of the Russian economy development

In article the problem of the impact of public debt on the dynamics of the Russian economy development is considered. The analysis of the dynamics and structure of public debt, analysis of the change in public debt indicators, correlation between GDP and public debt growth rates has been studied, the interest rate on the public debt has been determined. As a result of the study, following conclusions were drawn: at first, state debt affects the Russian economy, but this influence in is different at different time intervals, secondly, low indicators of public debt in Russia are a positive factor, but the possibilities of borrowing for our country are limited.
Boldyreva A. A., Yarunicheva Y. A., Boldyrev M.

Key words: project management, software, information technology and automation; automated process control system

Comparative analysis of modern information technologies in project management

Twelve quite popular software for project management were considered in the article. The purpose of this work was to identify the most suitable and convenient program for a particular branch of the enterprise in a Russian-speaking environment. Some characteristics necessary to simplify the work in the program were taken, and their presence was revealed in selected computer and mobile applications. According to the obtained characteristics, a comparative analysis was carried out with the setting of a certain number of points for each parameter and the total rating of the software was compiled according to the sum of the points obtained. The article describes in detail the method of assigning points, the maximum possible number of them was determined by the importance of this option. For some options, separate, more objective for the analysis, ways of revealing the significance for the consumer are made up. The results of the work done are tabulated and diagrammed for simplicity and visibility of the presentation. Leaders of the compiled rating based on the results of the analysis were the following programs: Simple Business, Megaplan, Oracle Primavera. More detailed results can be found below.
Denisenko V. A., Loginova M. A., Krasilnikova V. E.

Key words: Investment and construction project preparatory work, the signing of investcontract, initial permissive documentation, the act of permitted use, the tender for the General contractor, the preparation and tendering, design provision of construction, the fact of putting the object into operation, the achievement of the investment objectives, inefficient project.

Volumes of functions of the participants in the investment and construction project

The problem of realization of the investment project is relevant for today. This is due to the fact that investors bear a great risk due to lack of both legal and technical information for a specific cost estimate for implementation of the project. Usually this information is growing with time, during the development of the project. And often the investor comes to the conclusion that such a project is economically inefficient or technically impossible at that time, when it was used high material costs and hired an expensive team of experts. In order to minimize the loss of the algorithm development of the investment project and the right decisions for its implementation.
Pilevich N., Komarov Y., Smirnov E.

Key words: reconstruction, economic efficiency of projects, Investment valuation, capital investment


The necessity of reconstruction residential, public and industrial buildings is associated with the abatement of moral and physical obsoletion. Reconstruction of constructional objects is interesting for investors. The effectiveness of investment in reconstruction projects both for profit and for the restoration of cultural heritage are discussed in this article. The indicators of economic efficiency of reconstruction projects are presented.
Simakova A. V., Stepus I. S.

Key words: labor market, occupations in demand, occupational barometer, forecasting

Recruitment needs for the Russian Arctic zone development

There are more than 1 million people working in the Russian Arctic zone. Most Russian Arctic territories’ regional economy is experiencing acute shortage in qualified staff. More than 60% of vacancies declared by employers to the Employment Service’ are dealing with qualified workers and specialists of middle qualification. According to survey results performed by leading employers in the Russian Arctic, there was compiled a list of the TOP-25 occupations - such as drill rig operator, oil and gas operator production, mechanic-repairers, laboratory assistant of chemical analysis. A distinctive feature of the Arctic region economy is the high prevalence of shift migration as one of the circular types of labour migration. Up to 15-20 % of people work as shift migrants for the leading enterprises in the Russian Arctic zone. Shift migration is the most widespread in the oil and gas sector of the economy. Nowadays, the key approach to the Russian Arctic zone development is the development of "back up zones" based on already established urban agglomerations. In this context, the territory of the Euro-Arctic macro-region of Russia is unique and has great potential since 92% of the population lives in these cities. For Kola, Arkhangelsk, Vorkuta, Nenets "back up zones" development priorities are defined in accordance with the industry specifics and type of innovative economic development (mainland or island).
Vereshko S. S.

Key words: Investment activity, investment climate, regional investment policy

Investment Activity in the Republic of Karelia

The position of the Republic of Karelia in investment ratings indicates that there are some problems in the field of investment policy. The aim of the work was to evaluate the investment activity in the region. Comparative analysis of a number of indicators allows us to speak about low investment activity in the region. The investment policy of Karelia should be aimed to develop the investment climate.
Kozlova E. K.

Key words: finance; budget; program; budget allocations; the state program

Analysis of the program budget 2015-2017 and 2018 budget plan

The object of the research is state programs in the Republic of Karelia. Their dynamics and structure for 2015-2017 are analyzed. In the article the "program" budget 2017 is compared with the plan budget 2018 and the main priorities of the Government for 2018 are determined.
Molodtsova A. V., Silantev A. E.

Key words: budget; revenue; expenses; balance; deficit; surplus

The analysis of the Karelian Republic budget balance

The formation of the state or regional budget is a complicated and responsible process at which the number of principles is observed. One of these principles is the balance principle, that is, the expenses must be equal to the budget revenue. However, such a balance situation is quite rare in practice. Therefore, the object of the research within this article is the expenses and revenue balance of the Karelian Republic budget.
Patyanina V. A.

Key words: non-tax revenues, budget revenue structure, regional budget, budget of the Republic of Karelia, budget.

Analysis of non-tax revenues of the Republic of Karelia in the period 2015-2017 and the planned 2018 year.

In this article the object is the non-tax revenues of the Republic of Karelia. Non-tax revenues play an important role in budgets of all levels, because on the basis of their analysis it is possible to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the use of state property, the correctness of foreign economic activity of the state and the development of the infrastructure of the country, region, municipality. The purpose of the work is to analyze non-tax revenues of the Republic of Karelia in the period 2015-2017 and the planned 2018. The result of the work is recommendations on increasing the size of the type of income of the Republic of Karelia in question.
Shikhalova V., Sidorova A. V.

Key words: tax revenues, expenditures, regional budget, tax control, revenue structure

Tax revenues of budget of the Republic of Karelia during the period from 2015 to 2017 years and the plan for 2018 year

Tax revenues account for the largest share of budget revenues. Because of rising costs and income gaps, it is necessary to analyze the structure of incomes in the budget of the Republic of Karelia and determine what activities are carried out to mobilize revenues to the budget.
Kharvonen A. A.

Key words: budget expenditures; the budget of the Republic of Karelia; budget classification of expenditures; finance.

Analysis of budget Expenditures of Republic of Karelia 2015-2017 and 2018 budget plan

The article presents an analysis of the budget expenditures of the Republic of Karelia 2015-2017 and 2018 budget plan. During the analysis, the dynamics of the budget expenditures of the Republic of Karelia in the context of the budget classification was considered, and the structure of budget expenditures was presented. Based of above data, it was concluded that the expenditures of the budget of Karelia in the planned 2018 will be reduce.
Yadzevichyus S. S.

Key words: crisis state of the enterprise, presence of a management organization, methods of bankruptcy diagnostics, factors affecting the assessment of the probability of bankruptcy of an enterprise.

The problem of assessing the probability of bankruptcy of an enterprise belonging to a group of companies

The article considers the problem of assessing the probability of bankruptcy of an enterprise belonging to another organization. When conducting a diagnosis of such an enterprise, incorrect data can be obtained if the financial state of the managing organization is not taken into account. The author gives two examples to confirm this problem. Based on the financial statements, the coefficients were calculated using the two methods of bankruptcy probability of the organization (the Altman method and the method for diagnosing Beaver bankruptcy). The results of the methodologies reflect the presence of this problem in assessing the probability of bankruptcy of an enterprise.
Golovach A. A.

Key words: сrime, children, dynamics, latency, violence

Analysis of crimes of a sexual orientation towards children

The theme of the article is consideration of the problem of crime against children, namely one of the most serious crimes - sexual. The problem is that these crimes as very serious crimes are committed every year in large numbers, and their latency is very high, which is why identifying them is especially difficult. This problem is very actual for modern Russia. The aim of this work is to study the dynamics of these crimes, and to reveal the peculiarities and nuances. that is, when considering the crimes of sexual orientation. The results were quite contradictory. On the one hand, it was revealed thanks to the official statistics that crime is down, and on the other thanks to the authors it becomes clear that the latency increased and the exact figures may not be entirely objective.
Kopaleva E.

Key words: the right of peoples to self-determination, separatism, extremism, international law.

The right of peoples to self-determination in the 21st century

In this article, the question of the correlation of such principles of international law as the right of the people to self-determination and the principle of unity and territorial integrity of the state is examined by analyzing contemporary problems arising in international law.

issue 4 (8)

Okorokova M. A., Steshenko D. Y.

Key words: polymer; fluorine-organic polymers; fluoropolymers; fluoroplastics; ETFE; 3D-model;

ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) - a new generation polymer

The article considers the properties of the innovative polymer, which allowed him to conquer current positions in construction. In recent decades, a number of countries have synthesized new types of polymers, but there are not so many works devoted to the study of their properties, although organofluorine polymers are actively used in various industries. The article also presents examples of projects in which ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) was used, giving the buildings a futuristic look. These are known in the world structures, the choice of materials for which is justified and winning. A review of the Russian market has been made, revealing the characteristic features of the use of fluoropolymers. A 3D model of the building is also constructed, the roof structure of which uses ETFE, which gives a visual representation of such structures.
Nikolaeva A.

Key words: governance, administration, organizational structure, identity

Managing a post-merger university: a case study of UiT The Arctic University of Norway

The article deals with the nature of intra-institutional governance, organization and administrative support structures of UiT The Arctic University of Norway as a result of the three-step merger of five higher educational institutions of various types (universities and university colleges) and locations (6 campuses). The case of the UiT The Arctic University of Norway demonstrates how the new organizational structure reflects the strategic goals of all the institutions merged and accounts for the conditions affecting the outcomes of the merger in the higher education.
Parikhina G., Bagrova N. A., Rogozin A. A.

Key words: internationalisation, double-degree diploma, Finnish universities, Russian universities

Double-degree programs: experience of Finnish and Russian universities

The experience of development of double-degree programs by Finnish and Russian universities is presented in the article. Positive sides of creation of double-degree programs and problems of realisation of the programs are reflected in the article.
Rogozin A. A., Parikhina G. G., Bagrova N. A.

Key words: academic mobility; foreign internships; the Bologna Process; recognition of diplomas, bachelor's degree, master's degree

Ways of increasing academic mobility in the Arctic

There are lots of great opportunities for students to participate in the international network educational programs, foreign practices and internships, however, only 7-8% of Russian university students fully realize the available potential. The article describes a method developed by the team of authors of Petrozavodsk State University, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology, which proved its efficiency in 2016-2017 when implementing programs of academic mobility in the countries of the Arctic region. As a result this approach allowed authors to reach good quantitative indicators by the end of the current academic year.
Kruglova A. A.

Key words: identity, individual, space category, national identity, identity politics, political identity, regional identity

Identity as a category of political science

The article considers the history of the formation of identity theories and in particular the use of the category of identity within the framework of political science, the possibility of artificial construction of the political identity of citizens. As a result, the main types of political identity were identified, the structure of identity and factors affecting its formation were examined.
Lagutina L.

Key words: Arctic, the EU Arctic policy, Barents Euro-Arctic Region, BEAR, Arctic Council, Northern Dimension, Kolarctic CBC.

EU Arctic policy: why does the European Union look towards the Arctic?

The European Union is not an arctic actor and does not have any territorial jurisdiction in the Arctic Ocean. However, the Arctic region is becoming more important in the European political agenda. The article contains the comprehensive research of the EU Arctic policy based on the analysis of its evolution, as well as on studies of the EU role in the Northern Dimension policy, the BEAR, the Arctic Council and Kolarctic CBC programme. The analysis of the EU Arctic policy instruments and goals allows to understand the motivation which drives the Union to the Arctic dimension, and also reveals European priorities in the region.
Sofronov A. A., Savrinovsky S. M., Nevskaya A. A., Pimenov D. N., Sergeycheva M. N., Stetsenko M. D., Schastlivtseva A. Y.

Key words: Forest restoration, seed sowing, automation


Currently, the volume of forest restoration is insufficient to compensate for the negative impact of cuttings. In Russia, for the period from 2001 to 2014 there was a reduction of forests on an area of 40.94 million hectares, and restoration - on an area of 16.2 million hectares. These data can be found on the sites [_https: //;]. From this we conclude that reforestation at the cutting sites does not take place to the full. That is why our project called "Forest Gnome" (LH) is focused on solving the problem of reforestation. The project was developed within the framework of the Engineering and Design School "Lift to the Future" on August 14 - August 27, 2017 in Petrozavodsk.
Ivashchenko A., Titova S.

Key words: economic performance, commissioning, concrete wall design, brick wall design, timber frame wall construction.

Economic indicators of the erection of wall structures of a multi-storey residential building in the Republic of Karelia

This article discusses the economic performance of several types of wall constructions erected in the Republic of Karelia.
Kantyshev A. V.

Key words: impregnation, drying, protection from fire, Shimadzu

The effect of the initial humidity and the duration of drying and impregnation of aspen samples on their state

According to the road map of the government of the Russian Federation, the priority is the deep processing of raw materials mined in the country. In this connection, the production of building materials from local raw materials is of undoubted interest. To increase the service life and increase the fire safety of wooden structures, they are impregnated with various compositions. The results of experiments performed in the laboratory of the Institute of Forest, Mountain and Building Sciences of Petrozavodsk State University are presented in order to assess the effect of humidity and the duration of drying and impregnation of aspen samples on their condition.
Rahimov A., Pertseva O.

Key words: Building information modelling (BIM); Computer-aided design; Finite Element Method (FEM); SOFISTIK; CADINP.

Analysis of the current state of BIM-technology in the building industry for simulation of non-stationary loadings

Automatization on all stages of construction process is one of the most important aspects that provides high quality standards in conditions of actively developing building industry. Necessity of solution of non-typical cases in construction of unique buildings, for instance, the modelling of non-stationary loadings, demands a certain method of model engineering that would simplify engineering process and develop high quality design solutions with minimal time and resource consumption. In other words, application and development of different methods of computer-aided design (CAD) is required.
Khoroshilov C. V.

Key words: forest roads, construction of logging roads

Winter logging roads: design features and operation

In the article, in the form of a brief review discusses some issues related to the improvement of construction of forest roads. The relevance of these issues is directly related to tasks defined in the "Development strategy of the Russian Federation forest complex for the period till 2020".
Valitova I. M., Trofimova T. A.

Key words: risk assessment, investment and construction project, risk management standards, risk assessment methodologies, contractor selection criteria.

Risk management during the selection of contractors

Construction and investment projects inherent risks in an extremely wide range of human activity fields. An analysis of risks from the point of view of management and mitigation is conducted in this article. Existing standards on risk management are presented and the brief description of widespread risk assessment technologies is considered. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of such risk events as the work of an unqualified contractor. The contractors risk assessment methods analysis showed that besides the overall criterion for all methods connected to the cost of work it is vital to take into account the qualifications, reputation, material and technical base of a contractor, the time and quality of the work performed previously.
Ganockaya S. E.

Key words: Key words: terrorism, terrorist crimes, to combat terrorism, terrorist groups, terrorist organization, complicity in the crime.

Responsibility for terrorism and crimes adjacent to it

Abstract. This paper examines terrorism as a phenomenon of modern reality and analyses the specific gaps and shortcomings in criminal legislation regulating the responsibility for crimes of terrorist orientation.
Golovach A. A.

Key words: regulatory and Supervisory authorities, control, supervision, oversight and enforcement, reform

Modern reform of control and Supervisory bodies in the Russian Federation

The work is devoted to the modern reform of control and Supervisory bodies. The draft law, which has not yet entered into force, is under consideration. The author identifies the most interesting moments of the draft law. The goal is to study the system of control and Supervisory bodies in the Russian Federation. At the end of the work will be marked conclusions, which came to the author of the work.
Kopaleva E.

Key words: civil process, simplified legal proceedings, innovations, current problems.

The problems of practical application of civil procedural norms on simplified production

The author made an attempt to identify the actual problems of practical application of civil procedural norms.
Neplyuev E. B.

Key words: Constitution, administrative procedures, administrative regulations, administrative law, administrative process, state administration.

Constitutional legal basis for regulating administrative procedures

The purpose of the author's research work was to study a constitutional legal basis for regulating administrative procedures. Administrative procedures are an integral part of modern life: through their implementation a number of functions are carried out in the sphere of state administration, there is an interaction of citizens and economic entities with bodies having authoritative powers. Administrative procedural activities include a number of problems related to the quality of a legal regulation, the low efficiency of administrative procedures, the presence of a number of administrative barriers. Actions aimed at solving mentioned problems should be comprehensive. It is necessary to issue the uniform law about administrative procedures, to take measures aimed at their standardization and optimization. Basic principles of the implementation of administrative procedures are to be consolidated in this law that will ensure the direct operation of the relevant constitutional provisions, will establish a mechanism for their implementation. These measures will lead to the solution of problems which are connected both with theoretical and practical base.