Issue № 4 (8). 2017.

Okorokova M. A., Steshenko D. Y.ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) - a new generation polymer
Displays: 3342;
Nikolaeva A.Managing a post-merger university: a case study of UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Displays: 713;
Parikhina G., Bagrova N. A., Rogozin A. A.Double-degree programs: experience of Finnish and Russian universities
Displays: 930;
Rogozin A. A., Parikhina G. G., Bagrova N. A.Ways of increasing academic mobility in the Arctic
Displays: 611;
Kruglova A. A.Identity as a category of political science
Displays: 868; Downloads: 16;
Lagutina L.EU Arctic policy: why does the European Union look towards the Arctic?
Displays: 1828;
Sofronov A. A., Savrinovsky S. M., Nevskaya A. A., Pimenov D. N., Sergeycheva M. N., Stetsenko M. D., Schastlivtseva A. Y.AUTOMATION OF SOWING SEEDS OF CONIFEROUS FOREST TREE
Displays: 790;
Ivashchenko A., Titova S.Economic indicators of the erection of wall structures of a multi-storey residential building in the Republic of Karelia
Displays: 1030;
Kantyshev A. V.The effect of the initial humidity and the duration of drying and impregnation of aspen samples on their state
Displays: 464;
Rahimov A., Pertseva O.Analysis of the current state of BIM-technology in the building industry for simulation of non-stationary loadings
Displays: 1268;
Khoroshilov C. V.Winter logging roads: design features and operation
Displays: 1180;
Valitova I. M., Trofimova T. A.Risk management during the selection of contractors
Displays: 2506; Downloads: 3;
Ganockaya S. E.Responsibility for terrorism and crimes adjacent to it
Displays: 572;
Golovach A. A.Modern reform of control and Supervisory bodies in the Russian Federation
Displays: 554;
Kopaleva E.The problems of practical application of civil procedural norms on simplified production
Displays: 1107;
Neplyuev E. B.Constitutional legal basis for regulating administrative procedures
Displays: 985;