Issue № 3 (7). 2017.

Shvets G., Dyatchina E.Cut Opening Free software for Autodesk Revit as an alternative way of making holes in structural elements in building design
Displays: 1254;
Chalkin A.Experience of quarantine investigation of packaging
Displays: 973;
Pavlyuk E. I.Electrocardiographic markers for the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death
Displays: 970;
Serova E. V.Dynamics of Russian students mobility in the universities of the Nordic countries
Displays: 1718;
Smirnova A.Issues of peace and conflict resolution in the education system and youth work in Finland
Displays: 1467;
Bykova I. V., Bazhenova E. E.Advantages of a transition from solar panels to solar roof tile
Displays: 1205;
Ivashchenko A., Titova S.Thermotechnical comparison of wall structures of a multi-storey residential building in the Republic of Karelia
Displays: 847;
Ivashchenko A., Titova S.The complexity of the construction of the wall constructions of multi-storey buildings in the Republic of Karelia
Displays: 2356;
Patsinko I.The functionality of AutoCAD Architecture
Displays: 665;
Iakovleva S. A.Advantages and disadvantages of BIM
Displays: 5623;
Afanasyeva T.The impact of public debt on the dynamics of the Russian economy development
Displays: 4057;
Boldyreva A. A., Yarunicheva Y. A., Boldyrev M.Comparative analysis of modern information technologies in project management
Displays: 2381;
Denisenko V. A., Loginova M. A., Krasilnikova V. E.Volumes of functions of the participants in the investment and construction project
Displays: 739;
Displays: 2368;
Simakova A. V., Stepus I. S.Recruitment needs for the Russian Arctic zone development
Displays: 843;
Vereshko S. S.Investment Activity in the Republic of Karelia
Displays: 1473;
Kozlova E. K.Analysis of the program budget 2015-2017 and 2018 budget plan
Displays: 976;
Molodtsova A. V., Silantev A. E.The analysis of the Karelian Republic budget balance
Displays: 1274;
Patyanina V. A.Analysis of non-tax revenues of the Republic of Karelia in the period 2015-2017 and the planned 2018 year.
Displays: 868;
Shikhalova V., Sidorova A. V.Tax revenues of budget of the Republic of Karelia during the period from 2015 to 2017 years and the plan for 2018 year
Displays: 1377;
Kharvonen A. A.Analysis of budget Expenditures of Republic of Karelia 2015-2017 and 2018 budget plan
Displays: 1350;
Yadzevichyus S. S.The problem of assessing the probability of bankruptcy of an enterprise belonging to a group of companies
Displays: 846;
Golovach A. A.Analysis of crimes of a sexual orientation towards children
Displays: 2757; Downloads: 51;
Kopaleva E.The right of peoples to self-determination in the 21st century
Displays: 665;