Issue № 1 (5). 2017.

Staritcyna A., Martinenko E. A., Vahrysheva S. V., Ptyhina I. S.The analysis of the existing policy in the field of preservation and regeneration of cultural heritage objects
Displays: 4111; Downloads: 459;
Kartavskij V. V., Grodnikov D. V.Investigation of the stress-strain state of the three-dimensional rod structure of bus stops
Displays: 966; Downloads: 324;
Filippova Y. D.Overview of diagnostic methods of fetal hypoxia
Displays: 2551; Downloads: 390;
Ivashchenko A. V., Moiseeva V. A.The ceiling in the new building
Displays: 1596; Downloads: 410;
Korenevskaya M. A., Erzakov S. V.Prospects for the сonstruction of wooden buildings and structures for public and business purposes in the Leningrad region
Displays: 2122; Downloads: 361;
Naboka A.Construction of reinforced concrete interstorey floor overlap on metal beams in the old fund
Displays: 9174; Downloads: 473;
Nagmanova K. G.Algorithm for the development of cost accounts for civil engineering objects, taking into account the peculiarities of price transition from basic to current
Displays: 2066; Downloads: 493;
Poletayev K., Yufereva A.Comparison of domestic and foreign construction quality management systems
Displays: 6076; Downloads: 552;
Steshenko D. Y., Okorokova M. A.The influence of the choice of a parcel on the investment attractiveness of a property
Displays: 2334; Downloads: 366;
Tarasov V.Fire resistance of buildings from Light Steel Thin-Walled Structures
Displays: 3451; Downloads: 606;
Shilova E. A., Shilov S. O., Hakimova V. A.Experimental determination of weak points for the formation of " thermal bridges"
Displays: 1224; Downloads: 369;
Ivanova A.Recommendations on temperature measurement and forecasting of road surfacing
Displays: 1543; Downloads: 314;
Vereshko S. S.Privatization of state's companies as an instrument for management income of state budget
Displays: 1393; Downloads: 429;
Gumerova E. I.The discount rate for assessment of project efficiency during crisis
Displays: 11422; Downloads: 1030;
Fedorova A. V.Social inequality in the Russian Federation
Displays: 2286; Downloads: 615;
Kharvonen A. A.The role of the oil sector in the economies of Russia and the Soviet Union: comparative analysis
Displays: 7564; Downloads: 464;
Grigorevskiy V. A.International legal regulation of the rights of indigenous peoples to preserve and develop their culture
Displays: 1381; Downloads: 881;
Zybenskya E.The usage of dron device during investigative activities
Displays: 1638; Downloads: 462;
Osipov E., Podovinnikov M.Travelling to Kinerma village: some notes
Displays: 956; Downloads: 333;