List of abstracts, 2018 all issues

issue 1 (9)

Chalkin A.

Key words: PCR analysis, Solovetsky Archipelago,Globodera rostochiensis Woll

Phytosanitary quarantine surveys of potato plantations on the territory of the Solovetsky Archipelago

The results of a phytosanitary quarantine study of potato plants grown on the territory of the Solovetsky Archipelago are presented. The absence of a quarantine phytopathogen - a golden potato nematode - is shown. The use of high-tech diagnostic methods - PCR analysis allowed to identify the causative agent of annular bacterial potato rot, which is in a latent state.
Arteev N. I., Slyasskiy D. P.

Key words: Ombudsman, Human Rights Ombudsman, Comparative legal analysis, USA, Russia Federation

Comparison of the ombudsman institution in the US and Russia

This article attempts to compare the legal status of the ombudsman (human rights ombudsman) in the US and Russia
Golovach A. A.

Key words: asylum, foreigners, persecution, refugees, crime

Some peculiarities of granting asylum to foreign citizens in the Russian Federation

The work is devoted to the institution of asylum in the territory of the Russian Federation to foreign citizens, the issue of persecution and some other problems. The aim of the work is to study the institution of asylum, as well as to identify the problems that occur, to study judicial practice. At the end of the work will be marked conclusions, which comes to the author of the article.
Dmitruk A. D.

Key words: ones, functions, M. Uspensky, "Who to send for death"

Functions of names in M. Uspensky's novel "Who to Send for Death"

In the article, the functioning of the names of M. Uspensky's "Who to Send for Death" is considered as a means of realizing the author's design.
Karpovskiy V. S.

Key words: anti-corruption expertise, anti-corruption political, corruption factors, subjects of anti-corruption expertise

Anti-corruption expertise of legal acts in the Russian Federation : theory and practice

This article is devoted to one of the institutions of prevention of corruption - anti-corruption expertise of legal acts.
Matzuev R. A.

Key words: building; design; 3D model; Design of Architectural Environmen

Application of the graphic package 3D Studio Max in construction

This article is devoted to the problem of visualization of construction projects. It contains information on the advantages and limitations of creating 3D models using the 3D Studio Max graphics package.
Samusenko T. A.

Key words: ordinal properties of a norm, measurable functions

Normed lattices of measurable functions and order properties of the norm

The article "Normed lattices of measurable functions and order properties of the norm" is devoted to some questions on the properties of a norm in normed spaces of measurable functions.
Zakharova S. A.

Key words: Cesarean-section, obstretrics, uterine scar, fetal hypoxia.

The current structure of indications for cesarean section

This article presents the current structure of indications for cesarean section, that is based on retrospective analysis of 148 labor histories. According to the data of K. Gutkin maternity hospital labor histories ended up with cesarean-section. The search, that was done with the survey, includes such information as age, anthropometrical data collections, obstetric-gynecological history, somatic diseases in examined women and term of pregnancy. Besides, in the article were estimated the terms of childbirth and indications for operative vaginal delivery and also was analyzed the term of the early neonatal period.
Sarafanova O. Y.

Key words: embankments of St. Petersburg, physical deterioration, jet cementation of soils, major repairs, collapse of the embankment, cultural heritage sites

Elimination of the physical deterioration of embankments in St. Petersburg

The article deals with the actual issue of the technical condition of embankments of St. Petersburg. Those that are most in need of restoration work are identified here by service lifetime. The main defects of the embankments, their influence on the bearing capacity of the structure had been analyzed. Particular attention is given to the example of the collapse of the sea-wall, its consequences and the factors complicating the procedure for major repairs. Previously existing and modern technologies for restoring the bearing capacity of structures are described, their main advantages are emphasized. The article answers the question, why it is impossible to apply technologies without dismantling in the conditions of St. Petersburg at the moment.
Kiselev A. D., Padokhin V. A., Vasyutkin E. S.

Key words: database; composite materials; construction; regulations; bridges; armature; drainage chutes

The urgency of forming the base of composite materials and systems for road construction

Currently, people in road and bridge construction are increasingly thinking about the use of products made of composite materials, such as: composite fittings, drainage trays, perimeter fences, lampposts and more. With all the variety and number of composite products in regulatory documents related to the construction of roads and bridges, there is no references to state standards, branch road methodical document, organization standards and technical conditions for this material, the calculated values of permissible deviations and standards that determine the methods of monitoring the calculated indicators. As a result, there was a need to create a base of composite materials for road and bridge construction, related to regulatory documents.
Molodtsova A. V.

Key words: Government, government procurement, initial (maximum) contract price, methods for determining the initial (maximum) contract price, efficiency and effectiveness of budget expenditures

Some issues of establishing the initial (maximum) contract price

To perform its tasks and functions the government purchases the necessary goods, works and services. Acting on the demand side, the government carries out budget spending. It is especially important that public resources are used as efficiently as possible. For these purposes the public procurement system was created, and in particular, the required definition of the initial (maximum) contract price. The article considers the initial (maximum) contract price as one of the ways to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of budget spending. Some aspects of the formation of the initial (maximum) contract price are also considered in the article

issue 2 (10)

Savitsky S.

Key words: Modern Historiography, Serfdom, Counterfactual Historical Studies, Social History

Attempt of apologization of 1861 reform in modern Russian historiography

Article tells about the analysis made by a famous historian Boris Mironov on the process and outcomes of banning serfdom in Russia in 1861. The author criticizes lack of logic in selecting the facts; but he supports the alternative event study, developed by Mr. Mironov (establishment of counterfactual situation).
Zakharova S. A.

Key words: gestational diabetes, obesity, complications, fetal macrosomia.

Gestational diabetes

This article presents features and complications of gestational diabetes, which a woman and her baby may have during the term of pregnancy, that is based on retrospective analysis of 127 labor histories according to the data of K. Gutkin maternity hospital in 2017. The research, that was made with retrospective analysis, includes age, anthropometric data collection, obstetric-gynecological history, somatic diseases in examined woman and estimated the genetics of gertational diabetes. Aslo were analysed the terms of pregnancy, childbirth and early neonatal period.
Koigerova E. S.

Key words: Key words: Museum, exposition, cooperation, interactive approaches, educational process.

Integration of the Museum " history of tourism of the Republic of Karelia"» into educational process.

The article deals with the organization of the Museum of educational institution on the example of the "Museum of the history of tourism of Karelia". The variants of using the Museum in the educational process and career-oriented activities are revealed.
Podovinnikov M., Osipov E.

Key words: truss system, felling, axe, historical building, hospital

Construction of a truss system of a historic wooden building built in 1914 in the village of Essoila

Today more and more offers from the small firms offering various services in the construction market, in particular – erection of truss systems and fellings. As a student studying in the construction sector, we are concerned about the lack of quality of such works performed by modern builders. We were lucky enough to participate in the dismantling of the historic building, during which we learned a lot of new and interesting things
Lebedeva K. A., Grafov K. A.

Key words: waste morphology, separate collection, sorting, classification of waste, solid municipal waste, secondary raw materials

Morphological composition of solid communal waste in Petrozavodsk

In the process of human life a rather large amount of waste is formed. The composition of these waste is quite diverse: the remains of products, objects used in everyday life and lost their consumer properties, etc. Waste generated in the process of human life is called solid municipal waste. This type of waste is quite specific, and is characterized by very diverse components with a complex chemical composition. In this regard, it is necessary to determine the morphological composition of waste from the population, which predetermines the features of collection, sorting, the scheme of preparation and processing of waste. Determination of the morphological composition of solid municipal waste is an important task. Qualitatively lost work to determine the volume and composition of waste provides effective planning and management in the territory of the Republic of Karelia.
Molodtsova A. V.

Key words: The Federal Treasury; The Accounting Chamber; budget policy; budget execution; internal state financial control; external state financial control

The role of state financial control and its development prospects

State financial control is an integral part of state financial policy. it is impossible to ensure the effective formation and use of budgetary resources without a proper level of control. Since the efficiency of the entire economy as a whole depends on the rationality of the state budget policy, control over its implementation is of paramount importance.
Fedorova A. V.

Key words: perfection of the system of pricing in construction, problems of pricing in construction, FGIS TsS

Analysis of current problems of the concept of improving the system of estimated pricing in construction in the Russian Federation

The article discusses the problems of improving the system of budget pricing in construction in the Russian Federation, identifies the problems of inefficiency in managing budget expenditures in the investment and construction sector, and examines the specific features of the resource pricing model today. This article determines the actual problems that have arisen in the implementation of the reform of pricing in construction.
Aunbu A. V.

Key words: The Survived, novel, Michael Panke.

The opposition of nature and man in the novel by Michael Panke "Survivor"

The article deals with ways of revealing the theme of confrontation between nature and man on the example of Michael Panke's novel The Survivor.

issue 3 (11)

Vladimirov A. E., Egipti D. A., Kurbankadieva E. M.

Key words: Game Theory, payment matrix, graph, model, pure strategy

Game-theoretic model of patrolling on a linear graph

The article deals with the problem of patrolling on a linear graph. The payment matrix of all possible variants of the game is constructed. The winning strategies for attacking and patrolling are defined. The following regularities are revealed: how the patrolling strategies change, if you change the period of the game, the number of vertices of the graph (floors).
Domikan D. I.

Key words: museum; national traditions, cultural heritage, monuments, island.

«Kizhi» as a factor in the development of cultural and educational tourism in Karelia

In the article there is an analysis of the features of forms, techniques and methods which make the formation of the socio – cultural center of Karelia on the example of the Museum-reserve «Kizhi».
Silantev A.

Key words: Economic digitization, the program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”, internal state finance control, budget commitments, Federal Treasury.

Internal state finance control in case of economic digitization

The problem of economic digitization realization is analyzed in the article. The role of internal state control is pointed in the case of economic digitization in Russia. The unique features of internal state control implementation in Russia and perspective of development are studied. The program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation” announced by the government is analyzed in the article.
Golovach A. A.

Key words: political party, civil society, state, instrument of influence, power

The importance of a political party for civil society in the Russian Federation

The author highlights the problem of interaction between civil society and the state. The influence of these elements on each other is considered. The author identifies the political party as a special subject in the life of civil society in Russia, as it is the political party that is the most real way of civil society influence on the state.
Olshevskaya A. R.

Key words: the safety of navigation, the omissions in international legal acts, international rules, international conventions, ship collisions, search and rescue at sea, maritime satellite communications, distress alert systems, maritime safety.

The problem of imperfection of basic international legal acts in maritime safety

The author analyzes international legal acts in maritime safety, reveals imperfections and omissions in some conditions of these acts. Also possible ways of solving the above-mentioned problems are suggested.
Khomlyuk D. D.

Key words: civil process, electronic document, electronic signature, the Internet, submission of documents, statement of claim

Actual problems of electronic document management in the civil process

Today, the integration of information technologies in all spheres of human life is so great that it is impossible for the society to exist without computers, the Internet and other components of the information age. And jurisprudence is no exception. The author will highlight the problem of introducing information technologies into the civil process and suggested ideas for improving electronic workflow in Russia.

issue 4 (12)

Golovach A. A.

Key words: civil society, legal state, state power, civil activity, relationship of power and society.

Civil society in the Russian Federation: nature and features

This article is about civil society as one of the most important elements of civil society. It raises and explains the problem of the relationship between the state and civil society in Russia. Here civil activity is distinguished as the most important element of civil society, its nature and features are explained. At the end of article there are conclusions, to which the author comes.
Tarasova K. M.

Key words: medieval Venice, 20th century historiography, fall of Venice, reasons of the fall of Venice, Seranissima, historiographic assessments

Reasons of the fall of medieval Republic of Venice in the historiography of the XX сentury

The article deals with the consideration of the points of view of researchers of the XX century regarding the causes of the fall of the medieval Republic of Venice. The author shows that the historians of the 20th century singled out the economic and foreign policy reasons for the falls of Venice.
Podovinnikov M.

Key words: wind generator, alternative power generation, landfill, resource conservation, energy efficiency

The use of resource-saving technologies in the energy supply of the waste disposal facility in the Kondopoga region

This article raises the question of the possibility of building wind generators at dumps in Karelia to save natural resources and increase the independence of certain regions of the Republic from electric power services.
Melnikova A. A., Filippova I. V., Matzuev R. A.

Key words: building; design; 3D model; Design of Architectural Environmen; small architectural forms

The creation of small architectural forms using 3D Studio Max

This article is devoted to the problem of visualization of projects in construction. It reflects the process of creating three-dimensional models of small architectural forms using the graphics package 3D Studio Max, its main stages and advantages.
Martynova A.

Key words: external water supply, internal water supply, polyethylene, polypropylene, steel

Technical and economic comparison of water supply systems in an office building

The article compares the methods of installation of pipes of external and internal water supply systems from different materials, according to economic and technological indicators. The most popular materials were chosen as the object of research: polyethylene and steel for external water supply, polypropylene and steel for internal water supply. The development of technological maps for the installation of external and internal water supply systems. The calculation of local estimates and the result is a comparison of options for external and internal water supply systems.
Kruglova A. A.

Key words: identity, region, branding, regional identity, identity politics, Kaliningrad region

Formation of regional identity of the Kaliningrad region

The article analyzes the regional identity policy of the Kaliningrad region in the period from 1990 to 2018. The peculiarities of the Kaliningrad region, affecting the vector of development of regional identity, and the mechanisms used by local elites for the artificial construction of regional identity and the creation of a unique image of the territory are revealed.