Issue № 3 (11). 2018.

Vladimirov A. E., Egipti D. A., Kurbankadieva E. M.Game-theoretic model of patrolling on a linear graph
Displays: 529; Downloads: 87;
Domikan D. I.«Kizhi» as a factor in the development of cultural and educational tourism in Karelia
Displays: 409; Downloads: 67;
Silantev A.Internal state finance control in case of economic digitization
Displays: 993; Downloads: 111;
Golovach A. A.The importance of a political party for civil society in the Russian Federation
Displays: 239; Downloads: 60;
Olshevskaya A. R.The problem of imperfection of basic international legal acts in maritime safety
Displays: 330; Downloads: 73;
Khomlyuk D. D.Actual problems of electronic document management in the civil process
Displays: 516; Downloads: 70;