Issue № 1 (9). 2018.

Chalkin A.Phytosanitary quarantine surveys of potato plantations on the territory of the Solovetsky Archipelago
Displays: 601; Downloads: 118;
Arteev N. I., Slyasskiy D. P.Comparison of the ombudsman institution in the US and Russia
Displays: 1420; Downloads: 127;
Golovach A. A.Some peculiarities of granting asylum to foreign citizens in the Russian Federation
Displays: 516; Downloads: 132;
Dmitruk A. D.Functions of names in M. Uspensky's novel "Who to Send for Death"
Displays: 613; Downloads: 126;
Karpovskiy V. S.Anti-corruption expertise of legal acts in the Russian Federation : theory and practice
Displays: 659; Downloads: 126;
Matzuev R. A.Application of the graphic package 3D Studio Max in construction
Displays: 946; Downloads: 168;
Samusenko T. A.Normed lattices of measurable functions and order properties of the norm
Displays: 438; Downloads: 100;
Zakharova S. A.The current structure of indications for cesarean section
Displays: 1135; Downloads: 117;
Sarafanova O. Y.Elimination of the physical deterioration of embankments in St. Petersburg
Displays: 721; Downloads: 107;
Kiselev A. D., Padokhin V. A., Vasyutkin E. S.The urgency of forming the base of composite materials and systems for road construction
Displays: 735; Downloads: 124;
Molodtsova A. V.Some issues of establishing the initial (maximum) contract price
Displays: 334; Downloads: 64;