The student scientific electronic journal StudArctic Forum is a peer-reviewed periodical scientific publication that publishes the results of scientific research in the form of articles and short reports.

The StudArctic Forum aims to create a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue, information exchange, discussion of topical issues, publication of research results obtained by Russian and foreign students, graduate students and young scientists.

Undergraduate, specialist, master's and postgraduate students, as well as young scientists under the age of 30 and without academic degrees are invited to the publication. The paper can be submitted throughout the year. Publication in the journal is free.

StudArctic Forum publishes original materials on natural, technical, medical, agricultural and humanitarian sciences. The materials provided must correspond to the sections of the journal and be accompanied by a review of the supervisor. The journal publishes articles in Russian, English, French, German, Finnish, Karelian, Veps and other languages.

The periodicity of the StudArctic Forum is 4 issues per year (March, June, September, December).

The StudArctic Forum is an open access journal, which means that it doesn’t charge a publication fee, and its content is freely available on the journal’s website.

Publisher: Petrozavodsk State University

33, Lenin Ave., Petrozavodsk, 185910, Russian Federation


Issue No.1  March
Issue No.2  June
Issue No.3  September
Issue No.4  December