In the form to be filled in, the authors can propose at least two candidates of prospective reviewers to evaluate their materials. The proposed reviewers should be experts in this field of research. At the same time, they should not have joint publications with any of the authors over the past 5 years.

Reviewers can be members of the editorial board of the journal "Studarctic Forum". It is possible to select reviewers from among the authors who are referenced in the text of the manuscript. The scientific editor of the journal has the right to appoint reviewers at his discretion.

The manuscript must be written in compliance with all the rules of spelling and syntax of the language. To do this, we ask that authors for whom Russian/English is not their native language check their manuscripts before sending them for consideration to the journal. For this purpose, your manuscript can be reviewed by a native–speaking colleague.

Revision of the manuscript after reviewing. Reviews of external reviewers, as well as feedback from the scientific editor, are provided to the contact person no later than four weeks after the submission of the manuscript to the journal. Amendments to the manuscript should be made by the author(s) within the next four weeks. If the author(s) does not agree with the comments of the reviewers, then these comments can be discussed with the scientific editor by e-mail.

Acceptance of the manuscript for publication. After all necessary corrections are made and verified by reviewers, the manuscript is accepted for publication by the Editor-in-Chief or his deputy.

Proofreading of the manuscript. The revised manuscript is sent to the author(s) for final proofreading, which takes two weeks. After the author's proofreading, the manuscript is checked by a proofreader-linguist. The correction takes two weeks.

Publication of the manuscript. The final revised manuscript is signed by the Editor-in-Chief or his deputy. The article is included in the current issue of the journal. The article is immediately published on the website of the journal "Studarctic Forum".

Authors are free to discuss all problems with the Editor-in-Chief or his deputy of the journal.