List of abstracts, 2019 all issues

issue 1 (13)

Malyshev A. A.

Key words: buffer zone, Kizhi Pogost, tourist flow, UNESCO

Reducing tourist load by developing the buffer zone of Kizhi Island

This article discusses the main problems in overloading Kizhi Island with tourists. Analyzed the main methods of removing the load by the buffer zone developmtnt. The need to start the development of the buffer zone from the village of Oyatevschina is revealed and substantiated. The author focuses on the development of infrastructure in the mainland zone near Kizhi Island.
Matzuev R. A., Meheda M. D., Pronin I. O.

Key words: Architecture; building; design; Design of Architectural Environment; Milan.

Problems of designing a multi-storey residential building in the city of Milan

This article considers the main spectrum of problems that an architect-designer may encounter when creating a project of a “passive” multi-storey residential building in the city of Milan.
Nyrkov A. R.

Key words: Republic of Karelia, civil service, state post, civil servant, civil service experience

Evolution of legislation of the Republic of Karelia on civil service at the turn of XX-XXI centuries

The article analyzes the evolution of the concepts of public civil service in the regional Karelian legislation: «public service», «state post», «civil servant», «experience of public service». The author came to the conclusion that in 1997 – 2005 these terms were corrected: the concept of "public service" sought to separate the regional service from the Federal, and "state post" was adjusted in the direction of the execution of the powers of the state body of the Republic of Karelia. Calculation of length of service since 1998 was conducted on new, it allowed to reduce budgetary funds. The article can be useful in studying the history of public administration in Karelia and the history of public service in Russia.
Rego G. E.

Key words: Face Recognition, Viola-Jones Algorithm, classifier training.

Face Recognition in low-quality images

The paper describes a study on the problem of face recognition in images with low quality of shooting. Existing classifiers with a high degree of probability recognize faces on images with high quality of shooting, but are ineffective when applied to images with low quality of shooting. The creation of a classifier that is configured to recognize faces on images with low shooting quality, as well as a classifier that is configured to recognize an image of a person’s face, is described.
Konstantinov A. R.

Key words: financial markets, legal regulation, economics, law, financial control

Regulation of financial markets

The article analyzes the causes of legal and administrative regulation of various types of financial markets. The basis is the correlation of the steady state of the state economy and the dynamic development and control over the activities of the parties involved in the financial market.
Elkina A. D.

Key words: Botanical garden, excursion, exposition, career work

Educational excursions in the Botanical Garden of PetrSU

The possibilities of organizing regular work with schoolchildren through lessons-excursions on the basis of the Botanical Garden of PetrSU are considered. Using the already existing material base of the Botanical Garden of PetrSU, it is possible to organize and conduct educational excursions in various subjects of the school curriculum. Working with students will help the university attract applicants.
Golova E. A.

Key words: cold attic, warm attic, panel housing construction, humidity, mold, thermal imaging, microclimate

Problems attic floors on the objects of panel housing

The article discusses the cold and warm views of the attic floors, typical of panel housing construction in the conditions of the city of Krasnoyarsk. An analysis of the attic floors revealed problems, the consequence of which is the freezing of the joints of adjoining the attic floors to the walls, the formation of mold and increased humidity in the apartments that are in contact with the attic floor. Field surveys of the actual state of attic floors and microclimate parameters in the space of warm and cold attic spaces were carried out.
Chetyrbok O. A.

Key words: financial markets, brokerage account, individual investment account, tax deduction, tax law

Individual investment account as a tool of the financial market: features of legal regulation

The article mainly deals with such a feature of the legal regulation of an individual investment account as the possibility of applying a tax deduction
Kiselev V. S.

Key words: Special Administrative Region, SAR, Offshore, Economics, Tax Law, Tax Concessions

Special administrative regions in Russia

The work is devoted to the introduction of special economic regions in the territory of the Russian Federation. The author conducts a study of the legislation on ATS in terms of tax law (tax incentives and privileges). Also, the text reflects the assessment of legal experts regarding innovations and also presents the author's personal assessment of the consequences of the introduction of such areas in Russia.
Zybenskya E.

Key words: Criminalistics, criminal law, digital photography, spectral video comparator, crime investigation

The role of digital photography in the investigation of crimes: using of the device - spectral videocomparator "

Photographing as an objective form of capturing has a number of advantages over any verbal fixation method: the documentality of the images taken, their visibility, high accuracy and objectivity in the transmission of information, the relative speed of the fixing process. All this, in combination with the use of modern photographic equipment, makes forensic photography one of the most important ways of fixing evidence.
Nikitina A. S., Olyushkina K. A.

Key words: cash register equipment, online ticket office, tax control, tax authorities, tax checks.

Features of the use of online cashiers in the Russian Federation

The article describes the use of online cash registers in the Russian Federation. The regulatory and legal framework has been developed, the judicial practice of violations in this area has been studied, statistics on the results of tax audits in the Republic of Karelia have been analyzed, and the work of the tax authorities has been assessed. The study resulted in conclusions on the effectiveness of using online cash desks in Russia, and proposed solutions to improve tax control.
Silantev A.

Key words: Banking investment credit, bank, GDP, banking assets, credit, fixed investments, «Sberbank», «JP Morgan», «Deutsche bank», «HSBC».

The role of the banking investment credit in Russia, the USA and the EU

The author analyses the amount of the investment credit in the Russian Federation, the USA and EU countries. The role of the banking investment credit is defined in the article. The factors of differences between an investment credit in Russia and other countries are determined. The author pays attention to the main tendencies and problems of the banking investment credit in Russia.
Zabarinsky G. V.

Key words: law, economics, the concept of competition, legal definitions, improvement of law

The concept and signs of competition

The article is devoted to the improvement of the legal definition of the concept of competition.

issue 2 (14)

Malyshev A. A.

Key words: overhaul, bridge, survey.

Methods of reconstruction of the bridge on the example of a bridge on the river Yanis

This article presents an analysis of the survey of the bridge over the Yanis River with the Republic of Karelia. Also presented repair work. The main faults and destruction of bridges during operation in the north-west of the Russian Federation are revealed.
Zulpikarova A. D.

Key words: law, medicine, voluntary consent, legal regulation

Informed voluntary consent in medicine, legal value

The article analyzes informed voluntary consent in medicine as a statutory requirement of modern medicine and its legal significance
Egorova E., Meheda M. D.

Key words: Foundation, screw piles, individual dwelling house, weak soil

Features of the use of pile screw foundations for low-rise residential buildings

This article describes the main types of foundations for low-rise residential buildings, as well as highlights the stages of development of pile foundations. The advantages and disadvantages of pile screw foundations as a supporting frame for individual residential buildings are revealed.
Vorobyova A. V.

Key words: philosophy of law, natural law theory, justice, legal discussions, legal theory

The concept of justice is a category of legal philosophy

The author of the article makes a theoretical analysis of the concept of justice as a separate category of legal philosophy. The article is based on the analysis of historical and modern legal discussions about the legal nature of justice.
Kopaleva E. P.

Key words: securities, legal regime, material object, property rights, law of obligations

Features of the legal regime of non-documentary securities

This article analyzes the features of the legal regulation of non-documentary securities in connection with the introduction in 2013 of changes in the norms of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation: the division of securities into documentary and non-documentary
Savitsky S. I.

Key words: Crimea, cinema, imagery, tourism.

The image of Crimea in the comedy cinema of the 1980s - 2000s

The article is devoted to the evolution of the image of Crimea in comedy cinema based on the films of 1982 and 2018. Recreational resources and everyday features of tourism with interpersonal relations are considered as the image of Crimea. The author concludes the continuity of the plots of two films. However, modern comedy cinema gives a one-sided, glossy image of the Crimea, sometimes misleading the audience. This can explain the popularity of Soviet films shot in the Crimea.

issue 3 (15)

Fokin D. A.

Key words: school system, educational reform, standard, Bologna process.

Russian and German educational models: an attempt of comparative analysis (a Russian student point of view)

In this comparative analysis of German and Russian school systems we tried to determine their basic principles and also to identify their advantages and disadvantages. The main goal of the research is an attempt to identify the weak positions in both systems and the main result is the categorizing of all aspects in two groups.
Guseva N. V.

Key words: accessible education, rural areas, the role of rural schools

My ideas about the features and problems of education in rural areas

The article lists the main problems associated with the optimization of the education system. The features of education in rural areas are called. Emphasizes the special purpose of the rural school and the importance of making optimal management decisions for its further development.
Dolgina E. V.

Key words: vascular bowel disease, small bowel ischemia, thrombosis, embolism, gangrene, vascular surgery

Acute mesenteric ischemia in the Russian Federation: a review of the problem

In the medical literature you can find such concepts as: abdominal pain syndrome, abdominal toad, etc. vascular surgery. This article will examine the basic concepts, diagnostic methods in the conditions of the clinic in the Russian Federation for the timely detection and hospitalization of acute mesenterial ischemia in the surgical hospital to reduce the risk bowel infarction and death.

issue 4 (16)

Egorova A. V.

Key words: Key words: plant growth regulators; coniferous seedlings; planting material; woody greens

The use of growth regulators in the cultivation of planting material

Annotation. Sustainable development of the forest industry sectors of the North-West of the Russian Federation is possible only by switching to an intensive forest management path, one of the most important components of which is artificial reforestation. It is necessary to develop and introduce modern environmentally-friendly agrotechnical techniques that provide an increase in the yield of planting material while reducing the cost of growing it. Numerous studies have revealed the positive effect of growth stimulants on seed germination and growth of coniferous seedlings. In Russia, among the most studied preparations studied during the cultivation of coniferous planting material, Zircon, Krezatsin, Epin-Extra, Heteroauxin, Fumar, Agat-25K, Albit, and Energen should be noted. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the development and testing of environmentally friendly growth regulators obtained from natural sources, in particular from green wood.
Antipova O. V.

Key words: anti-crisis procedures, financial recovery, external management, bankruptcy proceedings, supervision

Comparative analysis of the procedures of crisis management in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Karelia

In the face of uncertain market conditions, the issue of maintaining existing enterprises at the level of solvency becomes an urgent concern not only for the enterprise itself, but also for the state as a whole. The article considers quantitative indicators of anti-crisis management procedures and conducts a partial analysis of indicators in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Karelia The share of enterprises with introduced crisis management is calculated to the total number of existing enterprises. The conclusion reached by the article is that today the main procedures for crisis management are monitoring and bankruptcy proceedings aimed at meeting the requirements of creditors and that financial recovery and external management are not applied practically.
Ermokhin A. A.

Key words: green infrastructure; rainwater management; phytoremediation

Classification of green infrastructure technologies and its using for managing surface runoff in an urban environment

The article discusses modern approaches of the organization of surface water runoff using green infrastructure technologies. Green infrastructure is a fairly new concept for Russia, but in abroad there are a number of positive examples of the using of its technologies as a fight against flooding. In addition to the main task of regulating runoff, green infrastructure also performs important tasks to conserve environmental resources, and green technologies do not harm the environment. Foreign experience was studied and relevant examples of the positive green infrastructure technologies using as a regulation of surface runoff in foreign cities such as Philadelphia were presented.